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I would love to go to Utah because that was one of the states where scrapbooking began.

A Facebook User

Places I would love to go before 2020
1. Been t0 Hawaii 30 years ago, would love to go back
2. New York
3. Washington DC
4. cruise up the east coast and go whale watching
5. California
6. Go to Florida in June, can't wait..I love the ocean

Sarah Lewis

1. Florida--to Disneyworld
2. Utah--to the Arches
3. South Dakota--Mount Rushmore
4. Arizona--Grand Canyon (Been there but I want my kids to see it)
5. Washington DC--going there for Spring Break this year!!!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Places I have not been:
1. New Mexico - my oldest brother lives there with his wife and their animals. He lives in a town called Mule Creek, the closest city is Silver City.
2. Washington State - my husband likes it there when he travels for Boeing.
3. Indiana - my youngest step daughter lives there with her family. They have been there for more than a year and I have not made it yet :(
4. Salt Lake City, Utah for a genealogy trip!

Libby Wiers

Places I have not been:
1. Alaska
2. Arizona, Mississippi and Alabama in south
3. middle states, like Indiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee

I've been lucky enough to drive across the north years ago when my sister moved to Seattle from Boston, and down the east coast a couple of times to Florida. Then GFWC meetings have taken me to 20 or more states, and my husband attends a meeting many summers that I get to tag along to. Last count, I think there are eleven that I haven't visited, but it's too close to bedtime for me to figure out for sure which ones I've missed. The aim is to visit all 50.

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