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Sarah Lewis

1. Finished my Design Team projects for March!
2. Went to my son's wrestling match, sophmore orientation, band concert
3. Went to my daugther's 8th grade registration, & orchestra concert
4. Took both kids to dr. appts
5. Worked 3 days
6. Got my order of new clothes inside the house (from a home party I hosted a couple weeks ago)
Whew--I am so ready for the weekend but it is looking busy (and we loose an hour of sleep this weekend too)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Work has been slow this week so I've gone home early a couple of days. Went to breast surgeon Tuesday and am 4 years cancer free :)
2. Started watching Jackson (1.5mo old) Wednesday from 2-10p.m. while Kim is in a 7 day class at work. Forgot how enjoyable but exhausting infancy is. Not getting much sleep.
3. The new JoAnn store reopened this week in Festus.
4. Today is crazy busy...got to drop off the dog at 2pm at the border/groomer. Pick up Jackson. Go to recycling center if Jackson is asleep. Make dinner and be ready for a Dove chocolate party at 7p.m. at my house. Pack clothes for tomorrow's crop and pack car.
5. Drop Jackson off at his parents at 0800.Saturday meet the scrappin gals at IHOP at 0830 for an over night crop! Yeh!!!

Libby Wiers

This week:
Sunday - overslept and had to hurry to get ready for church, ate breakfast in the car on the way, nice service then a lazy afternoon reading.
Monday - collected rent in the home town property and met with re-certifying resident in the morning and used the afternoon to pay bills and do paperwork.
Tuesday - collected rent at the out of town property, got a fair amount of paperwork done and paid bill; choir practice in the evening.
Wednesday - my morning to scrap with the 'girls' (we're all retirement age or nearly so) and out to lunch; tutoring cancelled, so used time to buy the new phone needed for my desk at work.
Thursday - worked in the morning, got haircut and saw the chiropractor in the afternoon, went to grandson's middle school in the evening for a 'dessert theater' (lots of yummies to choose from but I only tried two very small samples) and watched his show chorus perform "It's a Pirate's Life" medley - they are such fun to watch, and to see how they improve over time.
Friday - today has been rather laid back, and I feel guilty about not accomplishing much - took photos for printing to WalMart, had lunch with the scrap girls - AGAIN - picked up the photos needed for a class tomorrow and have spent the afternoon deleting old emails (how is it that they pile up so fast??); tonight is pizza with the grandsons, then do the prep work for tomorrow's craft class. Yeah, for Saturday!

Tina Kain

Wow...It has been an extremely busy week
Work has been crazy trying to get a handle on the data collection that needs to be done for the Smart Grid Project the utility I work for is in. I am not a computer geek/dtat base person so that is hard.
Monday was softball girls draft
Tues was baseball boys draft
Wednesday was babe ruth baseball meeting
thursday my oldest turned 16. drivers test at 3pm. He passed YEAH. then on to birthday shopping with him. dinner then he headed out to lifeguard training. The good thing is he was able tod drive himself so I got some down time. or at least I thought. then I had to drive my youngest to confirmation.
Friday.....I think I will crash...oh no I can beucase I have to make lasgne for church on sunday.

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