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I try to keep my purse organized so things are easy to find. I have your "normal" stuff in there. Cell phone, lipstick, wallet, checkbook, eye glasses. It gets filled with lists I make when I head out shopping. Those lists are what end up cluttering my purse. I need to go through them more often and toss them.

A Facebook User

My mother called purses pocket books, and whats in mine varies
for trips and vacations I carry a crossover small purse whick has a built in wallet for the few cards I take with me, sunglasses, always a cell phone, kleenex, lip balm...just the basics

for everyday: a medium to large purse which always has wallet, check book, calendar sm notebook, pins, tylenol, nail file, sunglasses, lip balm kleenes, when my grandkids have been around i might even find a hotwheels car or too ...lol

Patty Cutino

I still call my "pocketbook" a bag. as get my bag" its still on the large side, (love large bags) same stuff as always maybe just more medication and much stronger glasses inside, different color lipstick .always a mess when my cell falls to the bottom where alot of change lays.thanks for reminding me to clean it out today.

Cherri Simon

Hmm - Mine is a purse. I don't switch very often, and mine has all the "necessities". My cell phone, Kindle fire, journal, photos of my kids and grandkids, excedrin, chapstick, gum, checkbook, wallet, and a few other things :). When I'm in a hurry - I'll take just the wallet - to lighten the load a little ;)

Sarah Lewis

I am loving my current purse! It is a Miche bag--one of those that is a base bag and you buy different covers occassionally to so you can change the outside when your mood changes! Love it!
Inside my purse: iphone, reading glasses, wallet, knitting project, camera, receipts, lipsticks and chapstick, coffee cards, Mary Kay catalogs, business cards, keys

Amy Paegel

I call it a purse, too! Most days it has:
1. wallet with cards, a little cash, and a couple of photos
2. old-style paper appointment book with phone number list (not a digital PA)
3. old-style flip phone
4. zippered case with lipstick, ibuprofen, bandaids, nail clipper, hair elastic, cough drop, etc.
5. little packet of kleenex
6. glasses case
7. divider to keep things in place
8. measuring tape just in case
9. business-card case with cards from Drs, hair salon, etc.
10. hairbrush
11. pencils and pens and tiny post-its
12. a few notes to myself on stickies

I do use other (smaller) purses for special occasions or sporting events. I can't say my purse was any different five years ago -- in fact I would bet on the fact that it was identical down to the last item :)

Libby Wiers

Trying again - the first time disappeared...

We call them pocketbooks around here, too.
In mine right now:
1. My wallet with a couple of cards, a little cash, pictures of my grandsons and two Canadian toonies
2. My cell phone, a smart phone that doubles as my digital assistant
3. Lip balm, glasses cleaner cloth, emery board, Tylenol in a zipped pocket
4. Small notebook, post-its and pen in outside pocket
5. Card case, rosary beads and Kleenex in inside pockets
6. Hairbrush, camera, hand lotion, sanitizer, and assorted ‘notes to self’ and receipts in the bottom
7. My Nook – for those moments I need something to read or time to play Words With Friends.
For quick trips, the wallet will hold my phone and that’s all I take.
For special events, small, dressy purses with the wallet contents, camera, phone, lipstick and hankie.
Pretty much the same five years ago, except for having traded a day planner and basic phone for the smart phone that holds my life and is smarter than I am. 

Julie Miller-Oconnor

My purse changes with the season, my mood or where I am going. Use smaller ones for traveling or ball games. I do have quite a few purses, but I keep them for years. Currently, it contains a wallet (little to no money unless traveling), lime blistex, cell phone, 24 month planner, keys, checkbooks - yes I still carry them? Combo - grocery and to do list, contact lens case, snack bag with coupons/punch cards, camera, eye glass case, pill box, antibacterial gel, and hand lotion. My purse contents haven't changed much over the past 5 years.

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. My small purse 8 years ago...(before kids):
carried my wallet

2. My backpack purse for the last 5 years:
large wallet
baby tylenol
grown up Tylenol
diapers (well, not for the last 3 years..)
first-aid kit with band-aids and kids cold medicine
epipen and benedryl for my milk allergic daughter
kids pictures
IKEA pencils for drawing during church

3. My NEW purse (just got it last weekend!!!
It's no longer a backpack!!!
although it still contains a lot of the kid stuff! :-)


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