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Mindy Shirley

1. Baby sitting (I was so excited to turn 13 because my mom made me wait until I was 13 to baby sit.)

2. Dairy Queen (I loved that job! My friends and I had a great time in high school there.)

3. Archiver's (I think I spent my paycheck every week there on supplies--very dangerous!)

4. Legal Secretary (I went to business school for a year and here I am twenty years later.)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. DDA - The phone book company - did this a child. My dad would bring home busy work. We tore pages, put them in order...simple stuff and he paid us in cash for this. My first paycheck purchase was a black light for my posters!
2. Babysitting - did as a teen.
3. IHOP - Waitress - loved it! Did while in college and on weekends for the great tips.
4. National Bank of Affton - Proof Operator - coded those numbers at bottom of checks and deposit slips. Was very interesting. Did this as a COE job in high school.
5. Zeller Electric - Clerk for busy electrical repair shop.
6. Secretary for a Private Detective - very interesting and learned about public records and how to find information at court houses.
7. J.C. Korak Secretary for several small businesses - used old cord board switchboard :/
8. St. Joseph Hospital Secretary in Security Department and Clerk in Plant Management - we answered all the complaint/repair calls, made plastic engravable signs for the entire hospital.
9. St. Joseph Hospital - GPN, LPN
10. Jefferson Memorial Hospital - RN,BSN

Sarah Lewis

1. strawberry picker
2. baby sitter
3. worked in a pizza parlor
4. worked in a cannery
5. sold shoes
6. nurse in various positions
7. stay at home mom
8. taught scrapbooking classes


Jobs I have had ...
1. Burger King
2. Compositor for a newspaper
3. Compositor for a newspaper in a different state
4. Mom
5. Video clerk
6. Compositor for a newspaper again
7. Credit & Collections
8. Sales assistant
9. Lifestyle coordinator for a newspaper
10. Special sections coordinator
11. Niche products editor
12. Scrapbook instructor
13. Freelance writer

Seems like a lot, but until I started teaching and freelance writing, I only worked in four different locations!

Andrea Fisher

Let's see if I can remember them all...

1. in Jr and Sr High, most Friday and Saturday nights and all day Saturday, I babysat.
2.a "page" at our local public library. (shelves, repairs and checks out books, etc.
3.worked at a Dry Cleaning store. (hot job for a summer job)(a second job)
4.worked at McDonald's while at college.
5.worked two seasons at Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, Ohio.
6. worked at a manufacturing job one summer making latches to go on shipping drums. tedious, dirty, depressing.
7. free-lanced a redesign for a beauty parlor...what a waste of time.
8. Third shift waitress at Country Kitchen...love that bar crowd...not.
9. hostess-waitress for Dutch Pantry restauants
10. Mr. Steak Restaurants- waitress...asked to be asst mgr. and resigned once I saw what went on behind the scenes.
11. Asst Mgr for Arthur Treachers Fish-n-Chips.
12. Poppin' Fresh restaurant-waitress (aka. slave wages)
13. Hickory Farms, seasonal packaging, while also training at
14. Taco Bell and
15. Christian Ed Director for a church.(these three and going to night school)
16. Volunteer job with Youth for Christ
17. waitress for "the Milk Pail" restaurant (still going to school and YFC)should have seen THAT uniform!
18. Waitress for Delphines at the Hilton Hotel
19. Kent State University- Phys Ed and Recreation Dept-library and in the summer equipment.
****now married****
20. Creative Circle- an at home party system for needlework, cross-stitch products and instruction.
21. stay-at-home-mom and
22. home-educator
23. crafts at craft shows
24. various sewing jobs over the years-clothes, curtins, bridal wear, quilts-etc.
25. baker as needed for my daughter's bakery
26. card maker with my own "business" Five Pines Designs.
27. next year...will have to get a real job again.

think I covered them all, close to in order...looks like a lot, but often was working two or three jobs at a time, or summer jobs between college.

Tina Kain

1) Newpaper Delivery
2) Arbys
3) Work Study at CC
4) Drafter for a Electrical Engineer
5) City of Corvallis, Engingeering Tech
6) City of Forest Grove, Engineering Tech
7) Forest Service - Sweet Home Engineering Tech
8) Forest Service - Walla Walla Engineering Tech
9) Walla Walla County - Engineering Tech
10) City of Milton-Freewater - Engineering Tech
11) City of Milton-Freewater - Engineering Tech II
12) TONS of volunteer position in the youth sports programs in our community.

Beth Glass

Jobs as far as I can remember...
1. Babysitter
2. Cashier in supermarket while in high school
3. Showroom Sales for Swatch Watch 1984..great job!
4. Account Manager Christian Dior costume jewelry
5. Assistant Banquet Manager, Union Club NYC
6. Stay at home Mom
7. For the last 19 years, co-owner of Star Wines & Liquors, Monroe, NY
8. Many volunteer jobs within my community

Libby Wiers

Jobs I have had:
1. baby sitter
2. Guilford Woolen Mill office & retail store (three summers during college)
3. language lab assistant (in college)
4. special ed learning disabilities teacher (my short career that I actually went to school for...)
5. legal secretary/bookkeeper (for my husband, until his practice grew so that it outstripped my secretarial skills)
6. stay at home mom
7. property manager for subsidized apartments for elderly and disabled
8. volunteer during most of the above for schools, town committees, church, food cupboard, tutoring and GFWC (women's service organization)

A Facebook User

Jobs I've had
1. Waitress at Laneys Restaurant in high school, met my husband there, he was a dishwasher!!
2.RN at Missouri Baptist Hospital in St Louis for 2 years
3. RN At Jefferson Regional Hospital for for 31 years...I was born there, worked most of my life there, and sadly enough, will probably die there.

Carolyn Soltas

Jobs I've had
1. Carhop in high school
2. Cashier at a drug store, college
3. motel office on weekends, college
4. preschool teacher
5. adult ed English teacher
6. kindergarten & 1st grade teacher


This is fun to think back over the years!
1. My very first job like many people, was babysitting
2. My first job in a business was playing honky-tonk piano at Shakey's Pizza Parlor!
3. I worked in the Summer Session office at the University of Virginia during the summers while I was in college.
4. I taught music for three years in the Yorktown, VA public schools (strings)
5. I then went to work as a secretary
6. I then got into Call Center work as an analyst and then as a manager
7. I now work as a workforce technology manager for an insurance company.
8. I did lots of volunteer work in different places over the years in medical clinics, a rehab center, and I now make lap afghans for a local organization that makes comfort items for cancer patients.
9. I've also made a little money playing violin and piano - solo,and as part of a string quartet.

Nancy Liebner

1) Dusting my Great-Aunt's WHOLE house for 50 cents!
2) Babysitting (for 50 cents per hour!)
3) Horse Stable (mucking stalls in exchange for riding lessons.
4) Car Hop at A&W RootBeer (no, I didn't wear roller skates)
5) Cart-N-Bag- warehouse grocery-cashier
6) Work study in college-maid for off-campus housing and lab assistant.
7) Lab Tech- IBM Boulder, Colorado 2 yrs
8) Lab Tech- IBM Binghamton, NY 1 yr
9) Lab Tech- Corning Incorporated 32 yrs

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