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A Facebook User

1. Im a nurse and was doing a procedure in icu, i pulled the curtains closed and set up, the doctor came in and pulled all the glass doors shut as well. I needed something in a hurry, went thru the curtain and slammed into the glass doors.....everyone had a good laugh and although it happened years ago i still get reminded about it.
2. When I was very pregnant, I put on a pair of shorts and ran around all day....when I got home I realized the back seam was ripped wide open. Not sure if it was like that when i put them on or if anybody noticed as i had on a longer maternity top.

Amy Paegel

Omigosh, where do I start? Why does my memory store these moments in such vivid detail? And why do so many of the incidents involve bodily functions, when I am supposed to be a lady?!? Okay, let's see...
1. I was seated at the back of a tiny conference room and had to squeeze past several people to get out when I suddenly realized I was going to lose my lunch. Then had to go back and tell them why I was leaving! It was a sudden reaction to a new medicine, so very unexpected!
2. I am at school and suddenly realize I'm in my pajamas, or nearly naked -- no wait, that's just a dream I have from time to time.
3. My husband and I are having a terrifically lazy weekend. The diningroom table is a pile of papers, and the kitchen counter AND sink are full of dirty dishes. Our dear friends call to say their car died on their way out of town, and can we help? We offer one of our cars, and they troop in gratefully... and maybe a little disgusted.
4. In high school I traveled one summer to Switzerland and had the opportunity to stay with a family in a village for nearly a month. Of course I stuck out as the American girl, no matter how I tried to fit in. I had a favorite pair of white pants that I wore a lot, never realizing until much later that in the back, my (very coloful) underwear showed through!

Kelly Smay

1. I am very bad with names. I can't tell you how many times I've called people by wrong names...embarrasing.
2. uhm...my house is embarrasing...I need to learn to clean better.


When I was working in a local bank branch, I had on a skirt that buttoned down the front. When I got up from my desk to go to the teller line for my customer, the typewriter return key (that's aging me I know) caught an opening between the buttons on the skirt and ripped open the skirt all the way down. VERY embarrassing...I had to go home and change since we couldn't find all of the buttons!

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