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A Facebook User

Things that drive me crazy
1. my dog is shedding so bad, i have to vacuum everyday
2. planning week end get away next week end,have one simple questions but travel agent not responding except with automated replys.
3. no matter haw hard i work the house seems to get messy every day
4. men who put dishes in the sink (the dishwasher is right there) and carry soda can to counter so I can rinse and properly dispose of

Amy Jo Maruschak

I was fooled!

1. Yesterdays posts were things that drive me crazy.
2. Tami is writing another post complaining today
3. That's rather uncharacteristic of the usually happy, thankful Tami who normally posts these Life-in-Lists.
4. Is she having a very bad week?
5. No! It was April Fools!


My reasons to pout today... (I was fooled too!!)

1) I've had a horrible cold that I haven't been able to shake and its been a week already...I just want to feel better...
2) On Sunday nights I'm always bummed that the weekend is almost over...back to work.
3) Its been a cold, raw weekend here in CT...looking forward to warmer, sunny days

Patti Collins

Well funny I came across this topic just now. My SON was pouting heartily before bedtime and listed (repeatedly) some of his least favorite things:

1. Having to do a nasal rinse (because he has a cold & seasonal allergies).
2. Having braces and
3. Daylight Saving Time...he STILL is upset about switching the clocks ahead an hour and INSISTED he was going to bed an hour early TONIGHT! How long has it been since we changed the clocks?!?!

Libby Wiers

Guess I was fooled, too. Could see the humor in some of the listed items, Tami.

1. I'm with the boy about daylight savings - pick one and keep it there!
2. I'm behind - another weekend away - so it isn't Sunday anymore.
3. Had to make my own breakfast today (Tuesday)
4. Too much work this week and the auditor comes next week.

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