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Amy Jo Maruschak

Favorite 1990's TV Shows
1. Mad about You
2. Early Edition
3. Felicity
4. Stephen King's "The Stand" Mini series
5. 7th Heaven
6. Star Trek - The Next Generation

Andrea Fisher

Ah, the nineties...here's what was showing when the tv was on.
1. "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"
2. Wishbone
3. Christy
4. JAG
5. Pretender
6. Lois & Clark
7. Star Trek: The Next Generation; Deep Space Nine; and Voyager
8. Road to Avonlea (still a favorite to watch on tape)
9. Early Edition
11.Murder, She Wrote
12.Diagnosis Murder
13.Father Dowling Mysteries
15.Touched by an Angel
17.Walker, Texas Ranger
18.Stargate SG-1
19.Nash Bridges

Amy Paegel

Still "before kids" then, so:
College Football
MLB baseball
Crocodile Hunter
NBC Today Show
Emergency Vets
Dr Who
Life Goes On
Northern Exposure
Touched by an Angel
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Veronica’s Closet
Will and Grace
West Wing
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
Live with Regis and Kathy/Kelly
Mad About You
Drew Carey Show

Did none of you watch "Friends"? I was not the hugest of fans, but I certainly watched it.

A Facebook User

1990 tv shows
1 beetlejuice
2. Full House
3. Married with Children
4. Family Matters
5. That 70's show
6. home Improvement

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