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Amy Paegel

1. A couple of years after I finished college, my father persuaded me to give up sugar in my coffee. (I still drink it with no sugar.) He said if I made a small change like that, and did it daily, I would lose my extra weight. Um, no.
2. A couple of years ago I suddenly stopped reading the comics in the newspaper. Not sure what that was all about, but I went with it. Think of all the time I've saved!
3. I used to wear stockings (pantyhose) to work; then it was only to weddings and job interviews; now not even then!

Amy Jo Maruschak

I've given up...

1. Trying to keep a perfect (almost perfect) house. Instead I've embraced the fact that kids live here and clutter is my friend.

2. Movies. Ok, we see a movie every now and then, but not nearly as much as I'd like!

3. Beauty shop and hair cut appointments. The walk-in places get my business now!

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