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Childhood Playtime:
1. Barbies and Paper Dolls with my older sister (she want *8 years older and would take the time to play with me...we remain very close
2. Lived in small town, across from school had a great playground, all the kids would meet for softball or square ball
3. roller skating
4, bike riding.

Amy Paegel

1. I remember playing with trolls. My sister and I collected them for a while. Each one had different colored hair. I don't think there were very many other props or accessories.
2. We made a "kingdom" of little Steiff (sp?) bears and bunnies -- they were about 3" or 4" tall and had arms/legs/heads that moved like Barbies. My father built four houses, and we built trains and a bank and store and post office. We bought or made furniture, food, money, etc. Recently we unearthed the whole thing and played with it again!
3. I played jax and mumblety-peg with friends. It must have been another world, because we were allowed to bring Swiss Army knives to school to play mumblety-peg.
4. Outdoors we played four-square and "ghost" -- a local version of dodgeball.


1. Betsy McCall paperdolls and making extra clothes for them from magazine pages.
2. Barbie dolls with clothes sewn by my mom and knitted by my aunt. We used a mirror for a swimming pool.
3. Trolls and PeeWee dolls with clothes made by my grandma. They were interchangeable. I still have some of them.
4. Double Solitaire with my sister.
5. Reading the "I Can Read" books to my sisters.
6. Riding bikes everywhere.
7. Playing "house" and "school".
8. Making forts with bookcases, blankets, tables.
9. Swimming and making sandcastles "up north".
10. Crayons and coloring books.
What great times!

Amy Jo Maruschak

Childhood Toys:

1. Barbie Townhouse - I didn't play with Barbies but I played with every other doll in that Townhouse!

2. Big wheels

3. Books - Loved books!

Donna Rutkowski

As a child growing up in the late 50's and 60's, I remember playing..!
pick up stix
go fish
barbies and baby dolls
playing house and school with my neighbors
bike riding
dodge ball
Chinese jump rope
making paper chains with gum wrappers
pot holders during the summer... and so much more
Wow....going down Memory Lane for This Old Gal! Fun!

Donna Rutkowski

Since I was a Teenager and young adult in the 70's, I will tell you what I remember As a child growing up in the late 50's and 60's I remember playing...
Pick up stix and jaxs
whopper ball
board games
Tiny Tears doll and Patty Play Pal
Playing house and school with my friends and neighbors
bike riding
doing cartwheels
pot holders in the summer
dodge ball
making paper chains out of gum wrappers
chinese and regular jump rope
reading Nancy Drew and Cherry Ames books
go fish and 500 rummy..... and so much more
WOW! Nothing like going down Memory Lane for this Old Gal!...Fun!

Donna Rutkowski

sorry about the 2 post didn't see the first one went through oops

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Barbies, Troll dolls (still have a large collection), Little Kiddle, Polly Pocket, stuffed animals and paper dolls
2. hula hoop and jump rope
3. ride bikes and skate (old metal ones)
4. card games, Clue, Mystery Date
5. swim and play sports
6. listen to 45's, read and draw

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