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Amy Paegel

1. How far it is between where I live (Tucson) and where I grew up (Cambridge, MA).
2. How far it is from here to the ocean. Nearest is San Diego. We used to say it was Rocky Point, Mexico, but no one goes there anymore because of all the violence in Mexico. And we never went before all that started; have yet to visit there.
3. How I felt my mother kept me at arm’s length throughout our relationship.
4. How far society has come in its treatment and marginalization of certain groups – women, people with disabilities like Down syndrome, former enemies (Germans, Japanese, Russians), black people – and how far we still have to go.
5. How far it is between here and Heaven.
My musical association with "distance" is Dave Matthews Band's "Space Between":

Andrea Fisher

What comes to mind when I think of the word DISTANCE:
1. How far to my destination...as a child it may have been voiced as "Are we there yet?"
2. Sometimes measured in laps, others in yards...but on the track the DISTANCE became the thing to beat or overcome to win, in competition or at least to go home after practice.
3. Distance was the miles between family across an ocean, felt more strongly at the holidays.
4. Long Distance calls, that's any call outside of our town...it's all long distance!
5. Distance...how far I've come from who I once was...and how far I've yet to go.

Amy Jo Maruschak


1. I don't like it when my husband travels a long distance.
2. Summer vacation has to be a short distance from home this year in order to fit into our budget.
3. All our family lives a long distance away.
4. "from a distance..."

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