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For me, it all depends on timing. I like to be interrupted during the day by a visitor or phone call from a friend. But, when I'm watching something on tv or having dinner with my husband, it annoys me.

A Facebook User

1,Phone calls from telemarketers
2,As much as i love my grandchildren, they are well known to need mamaw to do something when Im trying to get something done.
3. At work in GI lab...anything that stops me from keeping my cases going, especially busy days

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Being called away from a patient I'm working on.
2. Phone calls from automated callers, political calls and telemarketers.
3. To stop what I'm doing to find something for my husband (usually right in front of him). Usually, make light of this or tease him.
4. Commercials on tv/radio.

Libby Wiers

1. phone calls work both ways - telemarketers NO but friends or family YES
3. ads during TV shows - don't you love DVR so you can skip by them?
4. I always like when friends drop by or the UPS guy with a package
5. stopping what you are doing to let the dog out - and it was always when I was busy, back when we still had a dog

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