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Pets - My childhood dog, Sam, a pet rabbit I had as a child, Snowball, many cats growing up, Tasha, Fluffy, Archer. My two cats living on my own Cassie and Ollie. And a bunch of hamsters - Caramel, Oreo and Butterscotch. what a trip down memory lane. Love this prompt. Thanks. jeannett_mcgee@comcast.net


Pets. Mostly cats, although I have very fond memories of Lucy (poodle), Ripple (Puli), and Frisky (shepard/collie mix). Currently have three cats, Morgan, Brigit, and Frank. cfodel@triad.rr.com

Andrea Fisher

I "Heart" Pets

While a few random animals mostly stray dogs would be guests, short-lived mind you,
there were also a few turtles won at the Christmas bazaar,
fish, until a hockey puck went through the tank,
canaries and later budgies, or parakeets, that my brother tried to breed,
a random guinea pig named Simon my aforementioned brother got me for my birthday (without my parents permission-therefore on a very temporary basis)
the real big players in the household pet category began with
1. Susie Q, a shepherd collie mix. we grew up together. I was known to occupy her basket and snuggle up to her. She lived 14 yrs+

2. Shag, he was a mini-old english sheepdog that the neighbors gave up on. He was trouble, jumping through the kitchen window to escape, and running away. Eventually under control (mum saw to that!). We had him about a year and found him in a snow pile in January, he'd been poisoned. That was hard to take.
3. Then came Toma, a real Old English Sheepdog. My brother saved his money to buy him. He named him after the TV cop of the time. Faithful dog, good with kids. Years later I could leave him with my kids napping outside on blankets while I switched the laundry and come back to see he'd moved in closer to guard them. great dog. Nearly crippled in his old age...maybe 15-16 yrs old, Dad had to put him down.
4. Duke, who my brother wanted to call Baretta(after another TV cop) to go with Toma, was a surprise christmas gift for my Mum from my brother (really-didn't learn from the guinea pig?) Duke was a German Shepherd, mum's favorite kind. Duke took the guarding thing to a whole new level we had him for about three years but eventually found a home with the drug task force in the county.

There were a few more dogs in my parents home after I left, but we never really lived anywhere where we could own a pet. Oh, we had tropical fish and goldfish that they enjoyed, but they wanted a dog. We used the excuse to the kids that we'd think about it when we had our own home. That took years, but once in to the5. It was an Australian Shepherd. Beautiful pup, but big, not at first, but not long after! He needed to be an outdooor dog, he needed to run, he needed to eat...and sometimes it was my defrosting dinner! Andrew was two at the time and that dog would flatten him just to say hi...So Spencer, was well loved, but short lived as a family member. It came down to feeding the kids or feeding the dog...they cried and took it hard, but, in the end, he went to a farmer who'd had this breed before, knew what to expect and had animals to herd...just right for the working dog he was.

Pleas come once and a while and they have all been told...when you have your own home...As much as I loved my pets growing up...I can get along without the furry friends. house the requests for dogs began...so the mantra changed to "once we have a fence". They looked the local paper for free dogs, and finally came up with one they thought would be perfect.

Beth Glass

My first pet was a Yorkshire Terrier named Nikki. We got her when I was 13 or so. She lived for 12 years and when she died, my (almost) husband felt so bad that he went out and got us another Yorkie that we named Ruby. She lived for about 13 years. We were "pet free" for a short time until Madison, our cat, found me and followed me home. After that we adtopted Milo, a red tabby from the shelter. And 4 years ago, I couldn't stand not having a dog any longer, so Murphy, our cockapoo came into our lives. Madison, Milo and Murphy are happily still with us and you can see them featured on one of my Mosaic Moments challenge pages.

Andrea Fisher

okay...somehow, my post got mixed up there...but to see the story the right way AND with photos, go to www.journella.com and check out the story board for the ungarbled version!

Amy Paegel

As a kid, I certainly cared most about our dog: a dachshund named Clarissa who we doted on for all of her 8 years.
We also had a pet squirrel for a spring and summer until he grew up and we released him. He'd come back to visit every so often.
Apart from that, I'm amazed to remember how many pets our parents let us have! Hamsters, gerbils, a white mouse, canaries, finches, fish, a turtle... I don't remember any of their names.

A Facebook User

Wow, just about any animal can make their way into my heart. But as for my own ...

My first cat was Cinder when I was 10 years old. He was a stray that showed up at a friend's house. When I left for college/moved out, he stayed at Mom & Dad's. He lived a great life. He was an indoor/outdoor cat and when he'd come in from "the back 40", he always ran down the landscaping timbers. I was in my early 20's when he died.

I'd gotten another cat who lived with me at my own place when I was in my early 20's. Her name was Shelby and she was the only girl in a litter from a friend's cat. I got her when she was 6 or 8 weeks old - her eyes hadn't changed yet. The vet described her as "catankerous". I laughed and said that was putting it mildly. She used to run sideways at you (think the black cats with the arched backs at Halloween). You could say in a low, gravelley voice to her "rattlesnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake", and the end of her tail would shake like a rattler. Shelby was with me from 1993 - 2008. I knew she was sick so those last several months were very special. I cried into her coat and held her while she took her last breaths.

I now have two cats - Miss Kitty and Midget (who does anything but live up to his name!!) and a Shih Tzu named Zoe. (All 3 were rescues - yay!!) Midget is a big lovable Maine Coon. Miss Kitty I swear channels Shelby as she's a little on the catankerous side as well. Zoe has her own fan club. She goes to my part time job with me at a senior community, and to say that they love her would be a gross understatement! She is quite the Princess, but she is a ridiculously well behaved dog. I'm very lucky that she has such an easy going disposition and that her former owners took the time to train her.

Then there were other people's pets ...

Buddy was my sister's toy poodle. He was the family favorite. When my mom passed away in 1996, he was listed in her obituary. :) He was a puppy mill puppy and endured many of the related health issues, the most serious of which was a total hip replacement when he was a year or two old. In his old age, he began having strokes and my sister finally decided to have him put to sleep. She had decided on a Saturday morning, and the family all got together Friday night to say our goodbyes. I broke a date with a new guy I'd been seeing, who proclaimed to be an animal lover. When I talked to him a few days later, he was mad I'd broken our date and informed me Buddy was "just a dog." I informed HIM that Buddy had been around a LOT longer than he had been so he had seniority. That was the end of that relationship!!!

And I could go on ... and on ... and on ... and on ...

Amy Jo Maruschak

I am not much of a pet lover... but there have been a couple over the years that I enjoyed.

1. Our "outdoor" cat, Sandy. She was a stray at my brother and I fed and then she became ours. We had her for 5 years or so. When she was allowed inside, her favorite place to sleep was on my bed.

2. My son has a Beta fish right now named "Cornstock". I love this fish! I call him "the begger" because he watches me in the evening hoping I will feed him an extra treat. A fish with personality!

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