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Signs of spring
1. have already mowed grass twice this year
2. azalea bush in full bloom
3. We've had such a warm winter, that a mild spring seems normal.
4. spring showers
5. lots of wasp coming out, and found a small snake on front porch


I hope you feel better! I took a class last night at CKC Mesa and loved your mosaic approach!! Which brought me to your site. Thank you for including your kits even though you weren't at convention! Donna

Amy Paegel

Hunh... wish I could find Tami's kits! I was at CKC Mesa today, too! Going back tomorrow!
So, my take on today is that I was surprised how busy the convention was today (Friday), especially considering that down in Tucson, all the local scrapbook stores have gone out of business.
Also I took four (4!) very good classes and learned a lot! :)


I am feeling better - thanks! Glad you enjoyed the kit at CKC.


Amy, The kit was part of the Thursday Album Crop. Hope you had a great time at the convention. :)

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Work - work - work/rain - rain - rain. Drove to St. Louis to see my son and Baby Jackson. Shared produce from coop (love my coop)on Wed. Checked on the HUD house he has a contract on to see if the creek was flooding. Guess I'll be checking again today (Monday)!

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