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Andrea Fisher

1. Dishwasher-from portable to built in. It died and started the reno dominoes falling.
2. lower Cabinets that had rotted away due to water damage...meant they all had to be replaced and new counter top, sink, garbage disposal-new for us, and faucet. Upper cabinets got painted for a facelift till I can afford to replace...now just a dream!
3. Floor in the kitchen, same reason as above
4. Washer
5. Dryer
6. living room couch...desparately hanging on to the oversized recliner
7. family computer replaced by family library laptop
8. printer...wish I still had the old one.
That's just been the past two years...in the last six, everything else seemed to go!


1. The oven (control panel died)
2. The washer and dryer (the old pair lasted 19 years)
3. Both kids' beds
4. Recliner

Margie Smith

1. Total basement remodel, including egress window.
2. Bedroom furniture for son.
3. New deck this year -- boards so rotten I was afriad I'd fall through.
4. Television.

Amy Paegel

1. Literally just came back from buying washer/dryer! It won't be delivered for another three weeks. Dryer started needing two cycles to dry anything. Washer was never big enough to wash our queen-sized comforters.
2. Thinking about replacing dishwasher...
3. Fixed innumerable toys!
4. Replaced lights in kitchen/family room -- phew! Had been waiting to do that for 8 yrs.
5. Need to fix drip irrigation system that the dog chewed up.

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. Kitchen faucet - not because it was broke, but because I wanted a new one!
2. Garbage Disposal - The seal was leaking. We had a baby and not much money. So we replaced it ourselves! Quite an accomplishment!
3. Hot water heater.
4. Toys, toys, toys... but I leave a lot of them for my husband to fix!

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