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Libby Wiers

Signs of spring:
1. The bulbs planted or moved in the fall begin to sprout.
2. Mike has a pile of mulch delivered - they dump it on the pavement by the garage, not in the driveway thankfully as it sometimes takes him weeks to find time to put it where he wants it.
3. The ice goes out in the lake across the street.
4. The loons come back to nest on the lake - love to hear the sound of their call.
5. I start taking pictures of the gardens.
6. We begin sorting and setting aside the things that we'll need at the lake where the cottage is located.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Red Buds turn purple w/flowers, the Dog Woods bloom for a short period before Easter. The woods look gorgeous!
2. The Red Ear Water turtles return from the muck at the bottom of the lake usually w/babies along with the catfish and panfish. Have already started feeding them. The local geese/duck have babies...haven't seen them yet.
3. Still waiting for the Hummingbirds, food is out just waiting for the buzz.
4. Have not yet got mulch for the yard yet.

Amy Paegel

1. One day in April, the mesquite leaves "pop." We have three mesquite trees, one in front and two in back, and they don't all pop the same day. When they do, the leaves all come out at once -- that fresh, bright, spring green.
2. MLB baseball starts. Go Red Sox.
3. I start thinking of all the things I'd like to do or get done before hot weather sets in (May). It's like footsteps creeping up behind you, all too fast.
4. I finish and file the massive paperwork that results from Joshua's annual ISP and IEP meetings.
5. We start putting fairs on our calendar -- Pima County Fair, Spring Fling -- and worrying about whether it will already be too hot to go.
6. I set aside a day or two for the CK Convention in Mesa.
7. The saguaro cactuses (cacti?) begin to set their buds.
8. It's light out when we wake up.
9. We request a teacher for Joshua's next school year.
10. I vow to clean out my garage -- again.

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