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Margie Smith

1. The smell of freshly cut grass.
2. The sounds of children laughing and playing outside.
3. The sunshine!
4. My lilac bush in bloom.
5. The longer days.
6. Not wearing a heavy coat.
7. The beautiful gardens.

Amy Jo Maruschak

What I love about Spring:
1. Everything blooms! - I especially love the smell of the blooms on the orage tree in our backyard.
2. Planting a garden - a couple years ago I cleared a small area in the backyard and planted a vegetable garden. I love choosing new vegetables, watering them every day, and watching them grow.
3. Spring sports - Soccer this year. I had no idea how relaxing it was to sit and watch my kids play soccer. I love it!
4. Beautiful weather - sunny and warm.
5. Ladybugs - my kids have been outside collecting ladybugs every chance they get for the last three weeks!

Amy Paegel

1. Definitely the blooming trees. I had favorite spots, as a kid, defined by blooming apple trees and cherry trees. Oh, the scents!
2. Now, here in Tucson, the spring trees mostly bloom yellow, no matter what type of tree it is. Only a few smell good. Then in May the Ironwood trees bloom pale pink against their gray trunks.
3. Waking up when it's light out is a big plus!
4. Switching to sandals!

Andrea Fisher

1. All things blooming-photo ops
2. Dogwood tree in bloom-beautiful
3. Open windows-fresh air
4. My sandals-outside!
5. Planning vacations...hoping to take one, someday.
6. Rubber Stamp Convention in April
7. More daylight

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