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1. Just last week, we got lost leaving st. louis (downtown) even with a gps. We had parked in a parking garage and the gps couldnt figure out where we were. We exiting and quickly realized we were on our way across the river into illinois!! We are from rural area and rarely drive downtown and find it very confusing

Amy Paegel

1. In Star Market – I was little (4? 6?) and panicked, and Mum never even noticed
2. After bowling with Marijke and her father – for hours because we were too young to know where to go, and he was apparently too stubborn to ask anyone
3. Lost Joshua in WalMart that time – quickly asked several employees to help; found him myself chatting up the pharmacist

Amy Jo Maruschak

LOST (Fun topic!)

1. LOST - The TV show. I watched part of an episode once...
2. I'd like to get lost and relax on a sunny beach for about three days.
3. Jewelry - I've lost more than my fair share over the years. The most recent was a butterfly charm for my daughter that was a gift from my Mom. I still think it has to be around here somewhere...but it's been two years since I've seen it!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Lost - a saying comes to mind "of all of the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most". I think that is how it goes?

2. Time - don't know where it gets lost, but it does!
3. Money - same as time.
4. Bluetooth been gone for about a month don't know how I lost it - think it fell out of my purse. Have never done that before.

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