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A Facebook User

I was just looking through older pictures last night as I needed to find some pictures of my daughter for the senior banquet slide show. In my search, I also found some older pictures from when I was younger, and they brought back so many memories!
*memories of when my daughter used to love to entertain me by singing and dancing for me
*memories of her friends in her elementary classrooms
*memories of family members who have passed on and what they mean to me.

Honestly, there were also some pictures that brought back unpleasant memories. While they hurt to think about, those moments have shaped who I am.

I feel all types of these memories are worthy of scrapbooking. Someday someone might wonder how I used to think.

Amy Paegel

I have a favorite snapshot of my father and my sister sitting at the kitchen table (where we always ate) in our old house -- the house I grew up in, sold in 1996. My father still has the kitchen table, and the wall clock that's in the background. My sister's hair is long and straight -- a la 1960s/70s -- and my father's hair is longish, with his 1970s moustache (no gray yet). Behind them is wallpaper, which makes me think of how they were "before their time" in so many ways... the wallpaper is on one wall only -- an accent wall long before anyone else had such things in their homes.

Amy Jo Maruschak

There is a picture of my and my grandfather fishing. Grandpa is holding a fish waaaaay out in frornt of him (because it looks bigger that way!) and I am looking over his shoulder. The river we'd been fishing in is in the background. It's one of my alltime favorite pictures!

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