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Another Sunday:
Was getting worried that Tami forgot todays life in lists....
Just got in from shop til you drop week end with my sis and start the week off with 3 days off. Hope to start spring cleaning but will have grandkids tomro...but still hope toget started this week.
And Tami, we love your free downloads, just like we love croppin with mosiac moments. Definitly changed my croppin style, and I love it


To get the laundry done! (ha) and get my craft area cleaned up. It looks like a bomb went off there.

Beth Glass

1. Remember the poop sample the vet needs for my dogs checkup....ugh.
2. Finish my book for book club.
3. Cook meals ahead of time since I'm out 3 nights this week for meeting...ugh again.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

- Sunday On call for work. Watch Cardinals and St. Louis Blues Win!
- Off Monday :) Run errands then going to lunch with Mom, Sisters and Baby Jackson for my sisters 65th birthday.
- Tuesday - work and errands.
- Wednesday - work, doctor appt. then meet w/ex daughter in law to buy summer clothes for Lilly :)30% off Kohls coupon!
- Thursday - work then get hair colored - license office stuff.
- Friday - pack for 8 hour Saturday crop. Going to try and downsize packing for short crop.
- Saturday - girls gone croppin!
- Sunday - crop at home or work on genealogy

Emily Henry

~Monday - Laundry and finish the binding on my quilted wall hanging - Watch "Dancing with the Stars"!
~Tuesday - Clean off craft table from the sewing project and scrapbooking for 5 hours with friends. Dance tonight!
~Wednesday - Pedicure, then cards with friends.
~Thursday - "Sparkle 'n Sprinkle" for a card making class.
~Friday - new quilt project with friends, evening out with hubby
~Saturday - house clean and work on quilt project

Amy Paegel

1. Revel and delight in unpacking what I brought home from CKC Mesa.
2. Finish one of the scrapbooking projects I started in a class there, as a baby-shower gift.
3. Watch Dancing with the Stars -- maybe vote this week.
4. Keep working on using up what's in my freezer.
5. Start working on cleaning out what's accumulated in my garage this winter.
6. Pick up sewing machine from repair shop... and use it???

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. Get well. Been fighting a cold for at least a week.

2. Put away all my purchases from the CKC-Mesa convention. (Sure missed seeing you guys there this year!!)

3. Start working on the syllabus for my summer class.

4. Cook at least one fabulous dinner for my family.

5. Friday - pizza movie night!

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