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A Facebook User

I put this on the FB page, but not sure if that's where it's suppose to be; so will share it here as well. :)

1) Go through stuff (stamps, stickers, cookbooks) for a garage sale.
2) Go through stuff (stamps, stickers, cookbooks) for a garage sale.
3) Work on organizing the basement.
4) Do some cross stitch and/or knitting.
5) Go through the boxes of yarn from my mom and donate what I won't use.
6) Meeting on Friday at school about the fundraiser/end of school picnic the following week.
7) Attend church's 100th anniversary weekend festivities, including a musical.
8) Board of Education meeting at church.
9) Oh and softball starts this week for my hubby, but not looking forward to that if it's going to be cold.

Margie Smith

1. Spring cleaning the closets and drawers.
2. Encouraging my son to complete homework assignments.
3. Working.
4. Throwing a surprise graduation open house.
5. Attending a graduation ceremony.

Amy Paegel

1. Clean the garage. (If I move it up to #1 on the list, does that mean it will really happen this week?)
2. Get my father transferred to a better hospital.
3. Finish some pages from CKC classes.
4. Pick up March photos from developer and update Project Life book.
5. Assemble new deck box and store outdoor play equipment in it.

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. Finish teaching. Last week of new material for my class! (next week is review.)
2. Try a new recipe for dinner.
3. Getting ready for an all day crop on the weekend!

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