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Amy Jo Maruschak

This spring I photographed multiple days of our "Octopus Agave" plant shooting up it's stalk. This "succulent" plant (that looks kind of like an aloe vera plant...but BIG) grows for about 10 years then shoots up a stalk about 15 feet tall!! the stalk blooms and the mother plant dies. It's been fun to watch this spring and I plan to make a scrapbook page about it!

Also in sping I photograph my garden alot... I've done one layout of my garden... Don't know if I'll do another one. But I still take a lot of pictures of the garden!

Amy Paegel

1. I can't resist photographing the flowers as they come out. Wait two weeks and something different is blooming, then something different, then somehting different again. I try try try not to make the same flower layouts every year! :)
2. For us, spring is the time for all the fairs, so we go -- and take lots of pictures! So colorful, so much action, so many smiles!
3. This is the time we are outdoors the most (before our blazing summer heat arrives) so there are trips to the zoo, baseball games, and that first dip in someone's pool to photograph!

A Facebook User

1. Easter 2. Personality pages from individual photos taken on Easter day. 3. Spring flowers 4. Spring Concerts of my boy's schools.


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