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Lisa Charleton

I remember...

Getting a bloody nose (i've always been prone to them);

Playing with the toy kitchen (don't care so much for kitchens anymore!); and

Learing the alphabet letter characters, like Miss M.


I remember...
my teacher was jewish, we played (or made) dreidels.
our classroom was a corner room, near the playground

Sarah Lewis

I remember:
walking to kindergarten by myself (that was along time ago when kids could do that)

I went to afternoon kindergarten

I liked snack time and nap time on my rug

I liked art and using paste in a jar

I once took a stray dog to school for show and tell and told the class it was mine. The teacher called me out on it, though, since she recognized it as her neighbor's dog!

On the first day of school we were told to write our name and draw a picture--I have that drawing hanging in my scrap room. 45 years later, I can't draw much better but my penmanship has improved!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I don't remember much:
1. My older brother made sure I made it to class the first day.
2. Kindergarten was only a 1/2 day, no naps
3. We played with kitchen stuff in a play house
4. I drew a picture of our Poodle "Frosty" lifting his leg - guess he did that alot?
5. I remember Sam the bus driver and still have a small angel ornament he gave us at Christmas. The bus picked me up at my house.

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