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A Facebook User

My childhood friends:
1. my closest friend thru grade school was kelly jo
2. She lived by the little pink store (a very small grocery store where we walked to get candy every day)
3. We went to catholic grade school and all the kids would meet in the evening in the playground
4. We rode bikes and roller skated together
5. Love to swim in the summer
6. Her family moved to Iran for about a year, but they came home with out her father....he later was part of the iran hostage situation. It was close to a year before they saw him again
7 we grew apart in high school and she moved away, she returned as an adult and occasionally saw her at church, then we moved away. Lost touch after that

Beth Glass

My best friend growing up was Laura.
We lived in the same apartment building.
She lived on the 2nd floor and I lived on the 5th floor.
By nursery school, we were old friends.
We drew the same pictures in school and our teacher did not like that!
We were in the same class in k-6 and did almost everything together...good and bad!
She loved my mother's "chicken a la king" (not sure what that is anymore!) and was invited to stay for dinner whenever we had that.
We had different "crowds" in junior high and high school. Naturally we grew apart for a few years.
She knows more about my life than almost anyone.
Fast forward to today...50 years later we are still friends!

Libby Wiers

Best Friends - hard to choose just one, children can be so fickle...
1. There was Lorinda, daughter of family friends. We played together a lot as small children, but developed different circles of friends later on. We do still stay in touch as adults.
2. Susan, we called her bushy-tail because her last name was Bush. She moved away during third grade and I cried when she left, but we were too young to maintain contact.
3. Then there was Gail, also daughter of close family friends. Her mother used to call her Princess and I was Queenie. They moved from Maine to Oregon after the fifth grade. We did stay in touch for a long time, but have since lost contact.
4. There was a group, Nancy & Sudie from the neighborhood, and Anne, daughter of another family friend. We were able to play outside - 'just be home before dark' - and we rode bikes all over town or went swimming at the lake. I lost contact with Sudie, but still have occasional contact with Nancy and Anne.
5. Gini moved to town when I was in junior high and we met at vacation bible school, becoming fast friends. When her father was transferred to NH, we visited back and forth for several years and still exchange Christmas letters.
6. Celeste and I became friends in grade school and by sixth grade had added Sheila as our third musketeer. We did about everything together through high school and while we live in different parts of a large state, we do still stay in contact.
Growing up in a small town meant that everyone knew everyone else, families tended to stay for generations, so through family connections we stay connected into adulthood and many moves.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I had a few:
Cindy - she lived up the street and had 4 other siblings. Her grandmother lived with them because both her parents worked (back then that was not normal). Their kitchen was in the basement. The moved when I was still in grade school.

Lois - she lived across the street and was a year younger than I. She had older siblings. They had a tree house on the creek. She went to a Lutheran school. I went to public. She moved when I was in grade school or jr high.

Diana - She was my best friend in grade through High School. We went to church together. She had a pool and we swam all summer. We were never in any classes together. We had sleepovers and a great time until her parents divorced and she moved with her Mom to an apartment. Then we would spend time with her Dad and Step Mom. Most memorable we went on a road trip in a Winnebago from Missouri to California at age 13 and stopped at every tourist attraction we could find. I was in her wedding. We have kids similar in age. Have lost touch with her; see her on facebook.

Diane - We were friends from grade school through high school. We were in each other's weddings and have kids similar in age. We talked in 2008-9 when we both had breast cancer at the same time. Have lost touch with her lately.

Have one friend Patti since jr high and still talk with her frequently and she lives in the same town I live.

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