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A Facebook User

My Mother
1. Was 46 when I was born, I had 9 brothers and sisters and we would have a house full of kids and grandkids and she never hollered at us, she just enjoyed her family
2. Made most of my clothes and taught me to sew,
3. Never had idle hands, she embroidered, and made beautiful hand stitched quilts
4. She love to crochet, I still cherish graany square sweater she made me when I was 16. At that time I thought it was beautiful but rarely wore it, However, as grew older, I started wearing more and now almost 30 years later I still wear it and get compliments on it. It is in great condition. I think it will last forever, just like many of her quilts.

Amy Paegel

1. My mother corrected our English until her last day.
2. She collected recipes, partly because she loved to cook and try new things, and partly just because. We still find little stacks of recipes in unexpected places... cleaning out drawers, opening old books, etc.
3. She was an excellent artist and could draw really well, although she rarely did after becoming an adult.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Mom didn't drive a car. We drove her places.
2. She had 6 kids and was patient and kind to all of us. Dad worked out of town, so she had her hands full.
3. Mom liked to read the newspaper and play scrabble.
4. She cooked all the time. As she got older she didn't cook as much. I think she got tired of it.
5. Mom loved plants and flowers. She still plants flowers every year at the age of 91! The only difference is she doesn't know the names of them because of Alzheimers.

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