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A Facebook User

1. I have a scar on my right hand that I have no memory, however, have heard the story many time. My sister 8 years old was carry me I was 6 weeks old and my hand somehow got under a hot apple pie!! She got into a lot of trouble, and I was left with a scar on my right hand. It actually helped me remember my right from my left...
2. Cooking fried chicken and greased splashed on my left fore arm, still have that scar

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Small red mark on my left forearm from getting too close to the bbq pit about age 3-4.
2. Small scar on the inside of my left calf from playing a game (bad idea) where you roll a full can of soda on the driveway until it explodes, can took a bad hop and cut me. My friend's mom had a ceramic studio in her basement and no one wanted to drink the chocolate soda so we would take it to the driveway.
3. My left wrist has a small piece of lead that is still visible. While walking in the hall to next class in jr high my friend was swinging her arm w/her freshly sharpened pencil, the rest is obvious.
4. Small scar under left eye. Got wacked in the eye with a meter stick (ruler) by 2 boys playing swords in math class.

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