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Tami, I love your lists! I don't usually add one of my own, but music is dear to my heart. It's going to be hard to be limited to 10 songs, but - here goes.

1. Soudtrack to "Out of Africa" - this CD is in my alarm clock. It eases me into the day with beautiful music and not the usual raucous buzzing, beeping, ringing of a traditional alarm clock. I also use the Soundtrack to "Ladies In Lavender" and Romance of the Violin by Joshua Bell.

2. In My Arms, by Plumb - for my kids who are now grown up but not too big for hugs!

3. The Dance, by Garth Brooks - for time with hubby, but also works for other areas of my life.

4. Stained Glass Masquerade, by Casting Crowns - for those days when I'm trying hard to keep smiling on the outside while crying on the inside.

5. Soundtracks from Grease, Footloose, Hairspray, etc. for working around the house. It goes so much fast with great music so you can sing and dance your way through it!

6. Bumble Boogie - adaptation of "Flight of the BumbleBee" by Jack Fina for those fantastic days when I have time to sit at the piano and play

7. Never Alone - by Barlow Girl for those days when it seems like life is crashing in on me and I need to focus on my faith to get me through. Praise You In The Storm by Casting Crowns also works here, as do many others.

8. Rhapsody On A Theme of Paganini by Regina Carter - amazing jazz violinist, soothing sounds to wrap around me

9. Sentimental Journey for times of reflection on life, family, and friends. I'll Be Seeing You is another good one along with so many other songs, particularly from the Big Band era.

10. Amazing Grace - Faith. Don't really need to say more about that one, but again there are so many more - His Eye Is On The Sparrow, Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus, etc.

Okay, I didn't hold it to a strict 10 songs. Music has and always will be part of my life - whether I'm playing piano in church, listening to music during the day, or attending one of my daughter's performances.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Love music! I'm a little old school though, don't have an ipod or satellite radio. Do have some downloads on computer and lots of cd's. My husband and I go to concerts from summer to fall - mostly old rock n roll bands in outdoor settings.

1. Not a real Cat Stevens fan, but when I hear the song Cat's in the Cradle - reminds me of my husband and son's relationship. Children grow up way too fast.

2. Songs from the disco era Heatwave, Gap Band, Brothers Johnson, Dazz for cleaning house...the faster the better.

4. Boyz II Men - End of the Road - reminds me of the end of nursing school.

5. John Secada - Just Another Day - rainy day music to reflect about life.

6. Mama's Pride (a Missouri band) - Blue Mist and In The Morning - reminds me of the concert I saw in 2008 at Jefferson Barrack's Park with the band Kansas. I had just started chemotherapy, had no hair and wasn't up to too much activity. It was a very emotional night. Felt so good to be alive and out of the house, but still scary for the future. Also, had no idea that Kansas had so few members for the sound of their music...amazing!

7. Upbeat songs from Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton - feel good music I listen to before and after work.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Sorry 8-10 took too long to edit and had to add as new list. No way to narrow down to 10 songs, but close.

8. Black Eyed Peas - Let's get it Started - reminds me of my youngest stepdaughter and driving around Kansas City, MO.

9. Whitney Houston - Jesus Loves Me - self explanitory. Good singer, good song, good reminder to self!

10. Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried - reminds me of my husband and makes me smile.

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