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Julie Miller-Oconnor

My first boyfriend's father always said, "misery loves company". That has stuck in my head all these years. He also was big on "say what you mean and mean what you say".

1. I'm a die hard optimist. I try to find the good or potential in everything.

2. Try to treat others as you wish them to treat you. Mean people suck. Sorry, is that PG?

3. Family first!

4. It's easy to spread yourself too thin with this fast paced world. Remember who you are (be yourself)and take time for yourself.

5. Keep God in your life.

A Facebook User

You really are an optimist....I've often wondered how you do it...fav phrase i learned from you....it is what it is

A Facebook User

Lifes Lessons
1. To be more outspoken and not let people walk all over me
2. Seems like lots of problems in my life in recent years and always weighed me down....Ive turned that around in last year to be more positive...If you cant change then dont droll on it, get over and move forward. Or as Julie says.....it is what it is.....
3. Live, laugh love
4. I had to learn to say no...its easy to take on too much and get overwhelmed with life


What a sweet thing to say - thank you! Funny, I don't remembering saying "it is what it is" here, but, that phrase has become our way of remembering to put the things we can't change into perspective. As life goes - it comes in handy - A LOT! :)

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