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Andrea Fisher

Like all moms we are generally the first teacher our children have, as a homeschooling mom, there's lots of things I've taught, put my life all together and these are...

10 Things I've taught someone else:

1. How to french braid hair
2. How to use a post hole digger
3. How to paint a fence (ala Tom Sawyer)
4. How to bake
5. How to make cards
6. How to use a camera (all the kids while small got disposables for our "vacations"
7. How to put up a tent
8. How to drive stick shift without killing the car.
9. How to dream big...50 things I'd like to do lists, and set about doing some of them.
10. How to cross-stitch

A Facebook User

A teacher
1. At many crops people frequently see mosaic moments and want to learn how, not sure if im a good teacher but do let them look and borrow my book
2. Taught my kids how to roller skate, tie shoes ride back and so on.......

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Kids and grandkids - non stop teaching goes on. They learned how to cook, sew, be crafty, etc.
2. Work - teach patients on a daily basis for post op care.
3. Teach myself how to do different techniques for crafts or scrapbooking from books or pictures.
4. I attempt to teach my dog new tricks - she's old and likes only the ones she knows well.

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