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Cherri Simon

Oh so many things:
1. Scrapbook and cardmaking
2. Play with my grandchildren
3. Take a walk or go on a bike ride with my husband
4. Go shopping and out to lunch with my daughters
5. Hang out and watch a good movie with my son and daughter-in law.

Andrea Fisher

What to do, what to do?
1. First, I'd like my house to myself for a whole day.
2. I'd find a comfy corner to sit with a stack of books and read for the day.
3. Take the phone off of the hook, and turn the computer off.
4. Pray for no interruptions, and relax.
5. Keep a notebook/sketch pad handy to jot down inspirational ideas as they come, because I never seem to be able to shut down to "relax" there's always something distracting me. Better to jot a few things down and move on with my 'free' day!

A Facebook User

Free Day
1. Scrapbook
2. Read my fave books
3. Computer time - check blogs, emails, etc.
4. Hang out with my boys.
5. Shopping
6. Whatever I feel like doing at the time.

Kelly Smay

If I had a free day:
1. Clean the house..it needs it!!
2. Catch up on sleep
3. Catch up on my scrapbooking! Never have enough time!
4. Enjoy the outdoors and take some new pictures!
5. Pull weeds..they seem to overtake everything!
6. Wash the car
7. Pray for another Free Day!

A Facebook User

Free day
1. Get a start on spring cleaning
If not in mood for work
2. Scrapbook, sew, or embroidery
3. shop
4. lunch with friends or sister

Julie Miller-Oconnor

How many hours are in this "free" day?
1. Get up early and have coffee on the deck. Eat out at Cracker Barrel with family or friends.
2. Shop with scrappin buddies at favorite craft stores or tidy up my craft room. Pack stuff to donate.
3. Work on genealogy.
4. Scrapbook and work on journaling that I am behind on :/
5. Read some magazines I'm behind on.
6. Take a nap!

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