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I hate grocery shopping
I don't like to cook, I work, and take of everything else, so we eat out at least 50% of the time
1. I love schwanns, i can order online and its delivered to my house
2. I work and stop at schnucks about every other day to grab what I need at that time.
3. We love to camp, and we have a family get together every holiday, so on those week ends I have to take the time to plan all meals and then shop
4. I like to go to sams to buy bulk of camping supplies....paper plates, utensils, cups, etc

Libby Wiers

When we were first married, in college, we had to walk to the store. We used one of those wheeled things that two paper grocery bags would would stand in, with a couple more on top - the lugged it up to the third floor. $20 to spend, so we added it up as we went along and if we ran out of money before picking up a critical item, something optional had to go back. Can you tell how long ago that was???

Now we do some shopping at Sam's Club, 3-4 times per year, to stock up on paper goods and staple items. My husband works right near the grocery store, so he stops in lots of nights on the way home for fresh meat/fish/veggies/milk. Then we go for other staple items every 2-3 weeks.

Not a big fan of shopping - or cooking!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I've used coupons for years but recently took a class on how to maximize use. On Sunday morning I read the paper and figure out what I will need/buy for the week. Usually keep a supply of toiletries on hand. I definitely do not buy anything in bulk (empty nester) or stockpile stuff because I have coupons or because it's a deal. I attempt to spend as little as possible each week on what I need. Mostly use Walgreens(always use AARP card, and coupons), KMart (for the deal of the week or double coupons), Dollar General before Walmart to save cash.

One thing that's kind of funny...when I was in Nursing School (1990 with a 1 yr old son) I would try not to spend more than $40 in groceries (including diapers, wipes, etc)Crazy!!! I would keep envelopes of cash for groceries, baby sitter, gas, misc. Boy, those were frugal times.

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