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Amy Paegel

1. The first time I saw Matt (my husband) I thought he was pretty cute! Loved those broad shoulders and blue eyes :) I was dating someone else at the time, so it was all sort of abstract and academic then.
2. The first time I saw Joshua (my son) after he was born was very short! Then the Drs whisked him away to check his heart. I was alone but felt more euphoric than I'd ever felt before. I did it! I had a baby! (plus all those hormones)
3. The first time I heard about our house, Matt told me he'd found the perfect house on his way home from work -- just right but with an extra-big yard. He was right!
4. The first time I saw a picture of our puppy, I just had to have him. It took driving 45 mins three times, but we got him!


Love this list Amy!

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