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Julie Miller-Oconnor

What makes me laugh?

1. Granddaughters Ellison 3y/o and Lilly 4y/o - they says the funniest stuff.

2. Big Bang Theory - not much on tv is funny anymore.

3. Years ago...Carol Burnette, Laugh In and shows like that.

4. I am very ticklish. It doesn't take much to make me laugh.

5. Sometimes at work we have some hospital humor.

A Facebook User

Things that make me laugh:

1. Things my grandson says

2. My cat going around in circles

3. The old series of 3 1/2 Men

4. Funniest Home Videos

5. My friends

6. The "spoof" movies, like Airplane

A Facebook User

Makes me laugh
1. My grandsons levi and blake always make me laugh
2. Movie Brother where art thou
3. Same hospital humor that Julie likes (I work in GI lab and some stuff that goes on in there....lol)

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