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Amy Paegel

I Am Naturally:
A memory-keeper

Andrea Fisher

I am naturally:
1. a strawberry blonde (some years were more blonde than strawberry and vice versa, quickly racing to snow white)
2. a dreamer (my best escapes were ones I dreamed)
3. a planner (not real good at spur of the moment)
4. a slightly obessive complusive personality (stop laughing Hannah)
5. a traveller (or wanderer on occasion, destination optional, journey mandatory)
6. a creative person (I work well with my hands, from flour and sugar, to fabric and paper. no idle hands here)
7. a funny person (you're either laughing with me or at me)
8. a sinner (saved by grace)

A Facebook User

I am naturally:
1. Quiet (until I get to know you)
2. Peacemaker
3. Brunette
4, Forgiving
5. a worry-wart

Libby Wiers

I am naturally:
1. a talker - I'll talk with anyone
2. a list maker
3. a pack rat (I still have fabric scraps from 30-odd years ago and now save small paper pieces that I 'might use someday')
4. someone who likes to work with my hands, but consider myself only reasonably creative - a paint-by-number sort (think counted cross-stitch and scrap-lifting)
5. serious
6. caring
7. honest
8. loyal

Julie Miller-Oconnor

I am naturally:
1. Calm
2. Talkative at times
3. Creative
4. Organized (sometimes to a fault)
5. Short attention span
6. Optimistic

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