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Libby Wiers

I have been to Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts with my husband when we lived in MA and again when we took our school age boys. What I love about it:
1. The way it takes you back in time.
2. The costumes and the way they speak as if it were that era.
3. Watching demonstrations: pottery, the blacksmith shop, cooking...
That was a long time ago, at least 25 years, so maybe it is time to go again, refresh my memory, and take pictures with grid paper in mind. :)

A Facebook User

Last November our family went to neices wedding in Kansas City, KS, My son had a paper due in college to visit, take pictures, and write a paper about a Missouri historical site. We decided to pick something out of the ordinary and went to Arrow Rock State Park.
1. Love the historical main street, just like yesteryear
2. The old jail is now a restaurant that served Family Style Meals: only thing on menu...we sat around a family table and was served a big bowl of salad, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken and apple pie for desert. We had never been to a family style restaurant but enjoyed the family time
3. Went to museum and took a walking tour of local old home that had been restored.

Turned out to be a great family day (especially since my kids are adults and that just doesnt happen anymore)
and lots of great pictures

Julie Miller-Oconnor

Every year we take a "girl" trip to Arthur, Arcolla, and Mattoon Illinois to see the Amish/Menonites. It is a 2+ hour drive. On the way you see oil wells, farms, a huge ~50 foot white cross on the side of the road marks the half way point.

1. The houses w/no electric or phone lines attached to the houses. Their lawns look manicured.

2. Their clothes lines look so uniform. The simple dresses, shirts, and pants are not very colorful but look nice.

3. The farm horses and other animals are beautiful!

4. The soil is dark almost black and fertile. The fields go for miles. The Amish tend fields with huge horses.

5. The buggys and bikes on the side of all roads with local traffic passing them by.

6. Beachy's Bulk Goods - we go there every year to buy homemade bread, cookies, pies and cheese. The store has gas lights and sky lights for light. The have plain label canned meat like chicken, beef and pork? Never have tried this.

7. Quilts - they have beautiful Amish quilts and other handmade items. Furniture - beautiful well made items.

8. The food! Homemade bread and apple butter is in every restaurant. Broasted chicken, kettle beef, and pie. Too much to mention. There are tours where you spend an afternoon with an Amish family. I haven't done this but it sounds fun.

9. Daisy Lane - the best scrapbook store I've been to. It is in Mattoon.

A Facebook User

I visited Historical Savannah, GA on a Holloween week end. Perfect time to enjoy the ghostly history.

1. Loved the Pub Tour we took, walking from place to place and being told of the ghost history of each place by a guide in Cival War uniform. Some on the tour were dressed in costume and we wore witches hats.

2. Loved the B & B with it's antique furniture and the antibellum feel. Of course there was a room that was haunted.

3. Loved the Pink House restaurant dressed out in historical grandeur. I had sweet potato ravioli that was delicious.

4. Walking the steets with all of the parks and fountains on the way to the riverfront.

5. Touring some of the old homes

6. Visiting the Mercer Williams House where the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good And Evil" was filmed and where the base characters in the book lived.

7. Eating in the Tea Room

8. Walking the streets on October 31st and not knowing if the character walking down the street was for real or in costume for the evening.

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