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Libby Wiers

L - lovable
I - individual
B - beautiful (or at least my husband says so...)
B - believable
Y - young (at heart)

A Facebook User

Elegant (when I want to be)

Amy Jo Maruschak

A - Assertive
M - Manager (of the family!)
Y - Yes!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

J - Joking
U - Unjudgmental
L - Loyal
I - Interesting
E - Expressive

Andrea Fisher

A- Arts-n-crafts...artistic without taking myself too serious, enjoying what I do
N- Nice...most of the time!
D- Determined...will follow through to get the job done
R- Resourceful...making do with what I have if I can
E- Edifying...I like to encourage others
A- Alert...know what's going on around me so I can be prepared

and totally unrelated...that's the pattern page I've used for Monday's Challenge...been eager to use it and finally have!

Have you all noticed the DT is already posting their newest creations at www.journella.com ??? Go see!

A Facebook User

C - creative
I - intelligent
N - nurse
D - dreamer
Y - yarn addict

Amy Paegel

A - amiable, analytical
M - mousy (hair color), memory-rich
Y - yellow (fearful), youthful

I have a short name, too :)

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