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Karen Fox

What I rememberof my childhood. I was born in Louisville, KY.Raised in Louisville,KY. I remember the dairy man delievering the milk into a metal box on the porch and taking the empty bottles. I remember climbing trees and riding my bike all the time. We had a lot of kids in my neighborhood. So once a week we would have a kick ball game. I was not the greatest athletic person, but I still had fun. Our house was never locked, I did not get a key to the house till I started driving.I drove a 71 camero pee green color. I can also remember when color tv came out and there was only 4 channels to watch, if you wanted to change the channel you got up and turned the dial. LOL. (I am showing my age). I also remember that we did not use seat belts and gas was 32.9 cents a gallon when I started driving.I also remember my parents on Sundays would take us on one day trips to different places in Kentucky. We would grill out and site see something. Site seeing were free then. I also had a parrot that I won at a carnival he was blue and I named him Ringo. Not sure y I did that. I do not even like the beattles. LOL Those are are a few of my favorite memories.


I lived in a post WWII veterans' housing project in Hartford, CT from ages 4 - 12. We had a 4 room apartment where I shared a bedroom with my younger brother. I remember that we too had a milk man, a bread man and fresh eggs delivered by Mr. Fleischmann who owned a chicken farm. We had lots of children to play with and spent most of time out-of-doors pretending to be soldiers or cowboys and indians. My mom was a night nurse so we had to be very quiet most mornings so she could sleep. I remember taking the bus to the YWCA in downtown Hartford on Saturday mornings for swimming, ballet and modern dance lessons. I loved school and would often play teacher when the weather was nice - my favorite subject was art. Last but not least, we had a Little League diamond across the street with dugouts and bleachers (It's now a grammar school.) I so wanted to play baseball but alas, I was a girl =( so all I got to do was play neighborhood games on our green. TG times have changed!

Beth Glass

My childhood home.
3 bedroom apartment in Forest Hills,NY.
Many of the apartment buildings had presidential names. We lived in the Grover Cleveland.
We knew where our friends lived not by their address, but by the name of their building.
200 families were my immediate neighbors.
My brothers shared a bedroom but I had my own.
The 3 of us shared a bathroom.
My parents had a bathroom in their master bedroom.
My best friend lived 3 floors below me.
Many of my classmates lived in my building.
I always had someone to play with anytime of day.
Halloween was great! You never had to leave the building.
Everything I needed was in walking distance. Parents rarely drove kids anywhere!
Hallways were our playground on rainy days.
We had a terrace but rarely used it. Not sure why.
People never complained about noise even if you had 3 kids and a german shepherd living above you!
One summer we sunbathed on the roof. Back then we used a reflector and baby oil. I learned the hard way that that was not a good idea!
I hated when the elevator needed repairs.
Everyone I knew lived in an apartment. I didn't realize anyone lived in a "real house" until I was about 10 years old.
I have great memories of my first 24 years in the Grover Cleveland.
The memories continue as my Mother still lives in that very apartment! This August it will be 50 years since they moved in.
BTW, my brother lives in the Woodrow Wilson.

Libby Wiers

Memories of my childhood home:
1. We moved there when I was a baby and the family still lived there when I got married and had babies. After my much younger siblings were out on their own, my parents moved to a smaller house at the end of the same dead-end street.
2. The house was attached to the business my parents owned, a flower shop and greenhouse. I remember re-potting plant cuttings as they grew and cutting the stems on the flowers from the wholesaler before they went into water in the cooler.
3. The basement, where we cut the flowers, was damp and chilly. The washer/dryer were down there as well. Dad put preservative on wooden flats in the spring - it smelled awful, but it was always a sign that my birthday was coming soon.
4. It was a small town, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine, and there were lots of other kids in the neighborhood. We rode bikes all over town, roller skated on the sidewalks, played baseball or basketball until dark and were able to walk to the other end of town to the library unsupervised.
5. The neighbor across the street had a small hill behind his house - great for sledding, or just rolling down in the grass.
6. There were blue spruce trees in our side yard to play under.
7. I shared a bedroom with my sister, 8 years younger, and my brother had his own room. Eventually, part of the front porch and the office nook end of the dining room were turned into a bedroom and bath for my parents and my sister moved into their old room upstairs.
8. Between our rooms upstairs was the attic, a great place to hide and explore.
9. We didn't have a TV until I was in third grade, a big old b/w that was a regular piece of furniture with a comparatively small screen and only three channels to watch. Our cat at the time used to climb on a chair and pat his paws the people on the screen.
10. We had a fireplace in the den alcove off the living room - great to sit by and read on a cold winter night and for hanging Christmas stockings.

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