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Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. My Dad was a very hard worker. He worked full time as an Office Manager M-F and on some weekends or holidays he delivered flowers for Netties Flower Shop. Mom always got fresh flowers or Merbs candies - heavenly hash or chocolate covered strawberries before they were popular.
2.In later years we would spend every weekend at flea-markets helping sell produce, costume jewlery, and stuff (remember the beer can craze) made lots of extra money! It was hard work setting up and taking down the display. He paid us kids well.
3. Family- he made sure we kept in contact with relatives. Every Sunday Grandmother would come for the day. She lived w/another family as a nanny for room/board but was off on Sunday. We would go to the "country" to visits my Mom's side of the family a few times a year.
4. He was raised Catholic and also went to church on Sunday.
5. He was a kind man.

Libby Wiers

5 things I learned from my Dad's example:
1) Find work you love and do it well (and do it well even if you don't love it)
2) Always find time for family and faith
3) Be honest and straight-forward
4) Keep trying, especially when things don't come easy (he spent hours pitching softballs to me, and I was never good at it - learned years later that I just cannot track a ball, hence being so poor at that sort of sport)
5) Be grateful for all that I have, not always wishing for things that I don't have.

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