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Andrea Fisher

What do I remember about First Grade?

1. My teacher for 1st and 2nd grade was Mrs. Swords.

2. A class mate and I were both in ballet school and she would often ask us to go to the cloak room and come out with a "dance" to entertain the class. (Bad idea! don't think we ever came up with anything!)

3. I did not like reading circle when we worked on sounding out letters. As a child I had a bit of a Scottish accent, having only been around Scots, so I pronounced words differently. Teacher would on occasion say something like "someone isn't saying it correctly..." and then a warning that "Someone might have to go to speech classes" and I knew she'd send me too. There were two students from West Va...and they had to go...I did not want to go! I kept quiet through most of the next several years, and learned to imitate the "correct" accent.

4. While I got corrected in reading circle for speaking like a scot, if the principal or another teacher would come in, I'd be put on the spot to "say something Scottish" I hated that too. As a child I never told my parents. I didn't like being the oddity in school. I really became very shy, more than before and very quiet.

Well, enough of those memories. Maybe that was good therapy!

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