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Jody Hardaker

1. The playground was where we played tag after lunch time. Usually the boys trying to tag the girls.
2. We had a huge swingset we would all see how high we could go and then jump off.
3. We always played jump rope - and sometimes double rope with the long ropes - so much fun!
4. Everyone would try to get on the monkey bars - we would do the bars and also the sides - usually several people on them at a time.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. The playgrounds were blacktop - no mulch or gravel like todays safety conscious play areas.
2. We would play on the swings, see saw (the bigger kids used to leave me up in the air - I didn't like that), hopscotch, or 4 square with the infamous red rubber ball.
3. We too had 3 recesses in grade school. If the weather was bad we had to have inside recess. It was ok when I was younger, but I didn't care for that as I got older.
4. In 4-6 grade we would hunt for bugs in the grass off the playground.
5. We also played with paper cooties (where you picked a number and opened to see what it says), whizzer tops to see who could last the longest. Little Kiddles were small enough to keep in your pocket.

Account Deleted

Childhood memories are just awesome and especially the playing moments are always in heart.

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