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I lose weight! :D

Carolyn Soltas

1. I retired from 30 years teaching kindergarten and 1st grade on Monday!

2. I get to go to Curves to workout in the mornings now!

3. I watched my grandsons (ages 4 & 6) play in the pool, and they are swimming on their own now.

4. After spending the morning with my daughter and her 3 boys around the pool, they went home!

5. I enjoy watching good drama on the cable networks, (USA, TNT, etc) without thinking about getting ready for work.

Hmmm, doesn't take much to make me happy!

A Facebook User

My son passed his State Boards and became a licensed nurse in FL!

Mindy Shirley

1. The weather cooled off this week. It was nice to not run the A/C for two days.

2. We took our pontoon boat out for the first time this year!

3. My husband has grilled supper three nights in a row. Yummy!

4. I'm off Friday for a me day--hair cut and color, massage, and mani/pedi.

Andrea Fisher

Things that made me happy this week:

1. My daughter and two of her friends are walking around with only minor injuries from a car accident that could have been so much worse...her car...not so much.

2. Grand-daughter and her Wednesday visit.

3. Older daughter's speech for a Father-Daughter Banquet this weekend.

4. The Father-Daughter Banquet preparations turning the house into a bakery for the week again.

5. Cooler nights to sleep soundly.

6. Coupon from Tami to stock up on depleted stash of Sea Island Cotton. Thank You Tami!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Still foraging through CKC purchases from last weekend! Sorry, I missed you Tami - Kevin was holding down the fort.
2. Birthday Wednesday - got adobe photoshop software :)
3. I have all weekend to scrap after a rough work week...Life is Good!

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