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Andrea Fisher

The best parts of summer to me:
1. Open windows...all day, all night.
2. Cool evening breezes.
3. Hearing the breeze through the trees or in the melodious ringing the Corinthian bells.
4. Good excuse to stop for ice cream cones at Bidingers.
5. Longer daylight hours.
6. Annual trip to family in Canada.
7. BBQ-ing outside on a regular basis.
8. Time to break away from the routine, catch up on reading, sewing or other hobbies.
9. When it rains, hearing the creek roar as it flows through the back property.
10. Activities like the Highland Games and County Fair.

Lori Kobular

1. Butterflies
2. Hummingbirds
3. Watermelon
4. Lots of sunshine


1. "the livin' is easy..."
2. Blueberry picking!
3. Gardening
4. Time at the ocean
5. The kids not being in school!
6. Time to just "be."

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Swimming at the beach
2. Boating
3. Fresh herbs, tomatoes
4. Grilling
5. Vacation
6. Seasonal fruits!
7. Summer attire

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