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Andrea Fisher

It's My Life - How do I choose to fritter my time away?

Well, apparently by having to submit this twice...this morning some glitch that came along just as I was posting decided to eat the message...so here goes...second round...maybe it will sound better this time.

1. Anything online...Facebook, blogs, news feeds online shopping, even if it's only browsing...cure...try to leave it off until the important things are done.

2. Daydreaming...sometimes referred to as "brain storming" when I need to come up with an idea...just stare off at nothing in particular, and veg. granted not often, but it does fritter away time.

3. Reading...when there is something more impportant to do. Especially guilty of this latre at night when I should be sleeping and can't put the book down. Carry a book with me when I have to transport kids to work or pick up and in the wiat time read. redeeming the time I think!

Carolyn Soltas

1. Playing solitare and Bejeweled on Nintendo DS for relaxation!
2. Looking through email.
3. Googling craft rooms.
4. Playing games on the computer.
5. napping.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Working too much - long hours lately.
2. Naps related to the above.
3. TV it's always on, but I don't always watch or listen.
4. Internet - facebook, pinterest,google have to do when I have time and try to limit amout.
5. I agree w/Tami about waiting in line. On Wed my drivers license renewed and had to wait in line after the teens getting their first license uggh! FYI no point in doing your hair they zoom the lens on your face! Looks like you have a big head.
6. Junk snail mail and emails.

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