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Andrea Fisher

Names in our family have always brought questions like...If Aunt Daisy's real name is Margaret...why does she get called Daisy? You call Aunt Joan, Nan, did you know her real name is Johannah?(My mum never knew that about her sister until a few years ago and Aunt Joan is now 93.5 yrs old!) My Aunt Cathie was Kate to my Mum, both variations of her middle name, while her given name was Janet, go figure.

1. My name is Andrea. The feminine form of Andrew. I was named after my Granddad who was visiting from Scotland when I was born.
2. Pronouncing my name has always been a problem...for other people. The accent is on the second syllable (an-DREE-a) as in Sangria (a chef I worked for finally made that association which made it easier to explain, then promptly called me Andy from then on)
3. I was the only Andrea at my schools. I desparately wanted another name to be "normal". I had a teacher call me Adrian for a whole year in her 4th grade class...crazy!
4. People assumed I was named after an Italian ship that had sunk before I was born...the Andrea Doria. I got a lot of disaster jokes.
5. As far as nicknames, my brothers and closer friends shortened it to An, easier or lazier I don't know. I went through college as Andy, just so I didn't have to live with all the variations that would arise, from snooty to french.
6. My middle name is not a second first name, but a last name. Traditionally If you get named after someone you get the first and second name. I however picked up the last name from my father's side, Allan after the Aunt and her husband that helped raise my dad when his parents passed away.
7. My son got his dad's middle name James for his middle name and my name...or rather Granddad's name, Andrew as a first because he was born on my granddad's birthday (although he was long gone).
8. There were never any souveniers out their with my name on it. No license plate tags for my bike, no note pads or pencils...but there are now a days!

Mindy Shirley

My name is Mindy Sue.

1. Oh, like Mork and Mindy (for those of you who remember that show).

2. No, it's not short for Melinda. My mother wanted Mindy so she named me Mindy.

3. I always wanted a normal, regular name. I always thought it was cool to have three Michelle's in our class.

4. A couple of variations of my name are Windy Mindy and Minnie Pearl (per my brother-in-law) and Minday (emphasis on "day").

5. I've come to appreciate the unique name I have. There are usually no other Mindy's around, although now there are two mom's on my son's baseball team named Mindy and that caused some confusion this weekend!

6. My married name is now Shirley--which causes a whole new set of issues including people being confused on how to spell it and calling me "Shirley". I love the movie Airplane--Don't call me Shirley.

A Facebook User

1. My name is Bettina. The Italian meaning is "blessed". The German meaning is "consecrated from God or God's promise" . It is also a form of Elizabeth.

2. My Dad named me. I have no idea where it came from or why he named me Bettina.

3. I always disliked my name in school because it was so different. I always went by the name Tina. My second grade teacher made me write Bettina on all my papers.

4. I have never met or heard of anyone else having the name Bettina.

5. My older brother always called me Bitty when we were kids.

6. Now as an adult and now that I am older and have lost both my parents, I have come to appreciate my name for it's uniqueness and just the simple fact that it is so different makes it more special to me.


My name is Candy. Not Candice ... just Candy. Dad says he regrets giving me a childish name; Mom says she doesn't like the name Candice and always meant that I be just plain old Candy.

What it's meant is that I have had to endure a ton of teasing, second glances and questions, because I cannot possibly be named "Candy". I have even been asked to show my birth certificate or driver's license to prove it is not a nickname.

As a child, the most annoying thing was never being able to buy anything personalized. Mugs, magnets, license plates, pencils and other products were never created with Candy on them.

As a young adult, I looked young for my age and that combined with my name meant many did not take me seriously. I remember being questioned at an amusement park on whether I was qualified to ride a ride with my toddler son. You had to be 16 to take a little one on the ride -- I was 21.

I also quickly discovered that you do not use Candy or any form of it in a chat room ... it attracts all sorts of nasty people.

Now, in my 40s, I have gotten used to the jokes, the stares and the questions. As a writer, my name has been in print thousands of times and that has seemed to create a bit of seriousness for me.

I did find this through Tami's link, which made me feel better:

Meaning of "Candy"
American name

In American, the name Candy means- bright, sweet. Other origins for the name Candy include - American, Hebrew.The name Candy is most often used as a girl name or female name.

American Name Meaning - bright, sweet
Origin - America
Alternate Origins - Hebrew

And, I have learned to make jokes that I share a name with many actresses who play strippers on television. If I was named Linda or Jennifer I would probably find something to complain about that, too!

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