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Patriotism,Family,Country pride,working farm and the love of barns.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. My grandpa had a big barn - Mom wouldn't let me play in it - I was too young.
2. Visiting the Amish - they have beautiful barns, farms, clothes lines and farm animals.
3. Love pictures of old and sometimes broken down barns in black and white.
4. There is a big red barn called Amishland where you can eat and shop in Tuscola, IL.
5. Barn wood used in crafts.

Andrea Fisher

First Five Memory Prompt: "Barn Red"
What are the First Five things that come to mind when you see this:
1. Amen!
2. The greater appreciation I have as an adult, than I did as a child, for the country I live in and the Constitution that is unique to this nation.
3. Our Ohio Barn Project. Celebrating the 200 yr anniversary of Ohio becoming a state (1803-2003), a bicentennial barn was painted in each of the 88 counties. We made a point to travel to all between 2003-2005. A wonderful way to get to know your state.
4. Red barns say 'Americana' to me.
5. Barns remind me family farms are the backbone of America and are struggling to survive. It's hard work, and under appreciated by many.

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