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1. Clean the house!!! (That's why I like having guests! Gets the house picked up and clean!)
2. Neaten up the yard and gardens.
3. Food shop!
4. Have my husband make his famous key lime pie!
During visit-
1. Much visiting, catching up, laughing, picture-taking
After visit-
1. Enjoy the picked-up and clean house!!!

Amy Jo Maruschak

1. Clean the house!
2. Freak out!
3. Rush around like a crazy person!
4. Stay up to late.
5. Fall over exhausted when they leave.

Actually, while some of that is paarty true, I like having company!

Here's what we really do:

1. Take them someplace we love... and indoor jumpy place, chocolate candy factory, hike in the desert, etc.
2. Make sure we take them out for good Mexican food.
3. Stay up late talking and catching up.
4. Try to make them feel welcome in our home!


1. I always clean. That goes without saying.
2. I like to make a dish of different goodies for their room. Sometimes guests may be hungry before bed but are embarrassed to say so. I put in different kinds of granola bars, candy bars, nuts, trail-mix, cookies, chips, etc.
3. I put "sample" sizes of lotion, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, cotton balls and Q-tips, etc. in a dish in the bathroom. Sometimes people forget the simplest of things when they are packing.
4. I will usually make breakfast but like to take them to a nice restaurant that they haven't been to yet or one of their favorite ones.
5. If everyone is up for it, go to a movie or if we're tired, rent a movie and watch it at home with a big bowl of popcorn.
6. Just try to make their stay fun and relaxing.

Libby Wiers

Things we do when visitors come:
Well, first of all, we live in a very small town in a non-touristy part of Vacationland, so we don't have many overnight visitors. But we do invite friends for dinner now and then. That said, when company comes:
1) A flurry of cleaning and picking up before they arrive (mostly there are other things I'd rather do than housework...)
2) Dinner guests always seem to gather in the kitchen, even though there is no seating, while dinner is prepared; time to visit and make them feel at home.
3) Rare overnight guests get Mike's blueberry muffins or crumb cake for breakfast - he's a great cook.
4) Mostly we just chat and relax with friends; take them to the lake in summer.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Sit on the porch or dock and watch the ducks, geese and boats go by. Great place to have a soda or drink.

2. BBQ or smoke meat, homemade potato salad, cole slaw and strawberries for dessert.

3. Take them boating, swimming or fishing on the lake.

4. Site seeing in St. Louis, Branson or Eureka Springs depending on where they are staying.

5. Bon fire depending on the weather.

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