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Yesterday was mine and Matt's 8th anniversary. It is a special day when we look back at the years and thank each other for the love and companionship. My husband takes it very seriously as it is a reminder of the most important vow we ever made.

Mindy Shirley

1. Wedding
2. Love
3. Happy!
4. Cherish
5. Special Moments


1. 43 years!
2, A week at a bed and breakfast on the Cape for our 35th.
3. A special romantic dinner
4. So very lucky!

Andrea Fisher

What are the first things that come to mind when you READ this:


1. Special events like weddings and birthdays.
2. Somber events like September 11th and December 7th.
3. Historical events to celebrate like July 4th or December 25th.
4. Personal events like the deaths of loved ones.

Happy Anniversary Tami and Kevin!

A Facebook User

What are the things that come to my mind when I read:
Anniversary ?
1. 48 years and counting..
2. Love that guy.
3. Special Spring like day in January just for us.
4. My mother sewing on my wedding dress
5. How blessed I have been.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Wedding - this October will be our 25th!
2. Special events mark an anniversary - good or sad.
3. Celebrations
4. Special memories
5. Photos!
Happy Anniversary to you both!

Account Deleted

The things that come to my mind reading this:
1. Happy
2. Love
3. celebrations
4. Photos
5. Real Blessing!


Happy Anniversary Candy!


Thank you for the Anniversary Wishes. :)

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