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Andrea Fisher

Being fined for course speech in public is not a new concept, but in this day in age when the govt is regulating the size of your popcorn and soda at the movies, it does seem like excessive intrusion. However, if someone is making a spectacle of themselves with more swear words than regular ones, I think I'd love to see them hauled off...but don't know that it will solve a problem that is so much deeper. It is however to filter little ears...and mine from some of the offensive language.

5 Things I filter (Or try to filter) in my life:

1. Movies, Music and TV. Even the stuff on the tube can be vulgar. I long for the days when a comedy was funny without being juvenile, dirty, or base.
2. The water. Like many I have a pitcher to filter out all the bad stuff and all the stuff they tell me I need to have in. Kids say it tastes better...me, not so sure. But when you hear about all the stuff Filter treatment Ccenters can't filter...one more filter can't hurt.
3. The sun. I have to wear a sunscreen with a super high SPF number. I burn to a crisp in a few minutes of sun exposure. When I was a teen I thought I'd try to get my freckles grow enough to give my self a permanent tan...but that didn't work. Sunglasses and headgear of some sort helps to filter the sun too.
4. The News. Some days I just cannot take another bit of information. I try to be selective as it is...but then somedays...overload and I have to fine tune filter or shut it down.
5. My Tea. My brewing machine allows me to filter tea leaves if it's loose tea or steep it longer to make it stronger. I like it strong because I pour it over a ton of ice, so I don't want it too weak. I have never liked tea leaves floating in my tea, hot or cold...so that's one filter I really depend on!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Water - where we live the water is full of stuff to clog coffee pot or give you kidney stones?
2. Sun - I burn not tan. Sunscreen always in the car, purse and every bathroom along with aloe/lidocaine.
3. Attitude - keep it in check or keep quiet.
4. My to-do list by priority because some stuff just can't get done.

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