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Jody Hardaker

My favorite books as a child were the box car children series! I loved reading about those children. The other series I loved were the Judy Blume books.


My Favorite books were the Nacy Drew series. It was always exciting.


1. "The Boxcar Children"-the first book before the series was started. I read that book over and over again, and then to classrooms of kids and then to my son.
2. "Run Away Home"-a book I can not find anywhere now. It was about a little girl in Scotland who was found with a locket with a piece of heather and a picture of a young woman in it. Thus, her journey, when she got older, was to find her home and her story. Does anyone remember this? (Back in the 50's)
3. The whole "Bobsey Twins" series.
3. "5 Little Peppers and How they Grew" series.
4. "The Borrowers"
5. "The Snow Queen" A friend of my mother lent me an old big leather book with magnificent pictures. It was magical!


1. Bambi - the original novel by Felix Salten - The novel has a very ecological message behind it that was totally scrapped by Disney when they made the movie.
2. Bambi's Children by Feliz Salten
3. Peter Pan - Barre - much more intriguing and scarier than the Disney movie as the book deals indirectly with child neglect and labor issues of the time.
4. The Hardy Boys - any of them
5. Nancy Drew - The Clue of the Tapping Heels
6. The Wild Heart - Helen Griffiths - cool story set in the mid-west about a wild and very fast horse named La Bruja and the people that try to tame/catch/kill her.
7. Arabian Nights - Great Books for Children Series - these are the original non-politically correct stories with a copyright date of 1939.
8. Pinocchio - Disney's movie is based on half of the book - they left out the more scary parts.
9. Toby Tyler or Ten weeks with the circus - Disney's movie Toby Tyler is based on this novel, but the novel has a darker side to it.
10. The Works of Kipling - my favorite was Riki-tiki-tavi

Except for the Hardy Boys books, I still have each of these books which are now 50 years or older. Still love to take them out and read to this day.


1. Go Dog, Go and Are You My Mother? - I still have these. 2. Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series - read every one the library had. 3. Fog Magic - a book I purchased from Scholastic books at school. 4. Trixie Belden series. 5. Big Mutt - read to us by my 6th grade teacher. 6. Also read my mother's Bobbsey Twins books.

Went on to read many of my old books to my own children, along with their favorites especially by Jan Brett.

Love to read!

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