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Jody Hardaker

We would ride our bikes...to the next town over, to my grandmothers house without adults.

We loved the chance to go to the town pool and jump off the high dive over and over.

The town whistle...when I would stay with my friend who lived in the center of town, the town whistle would blow at 8:50 and all of us kids had to be in off the street at that time.

Putting pennies on the train tracks before the train got there and then after the train went by, going and retrieving the pennies.

Riding the mini bike through the field.

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. My best friend had a pool and we went swimming every day.
2. Played Barbie's - my friend had the Barbie Townhouse.
3. Rode bikes all summer.
4. Played with stuffed animals.
5. Played 45's on a record player.
6. Had sleep overs.

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