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Jody Hardaker

1. Organize my scrapbook room and the play room - heck the whole house, actually.
2. Spend more time scrapbooking.
3. Spending the Sunny Days by the pool with family.
4. Going to the Shelburne Museum.
5. Try to get back to the beach one more time this summer.

Andrea Fisher

1. Complete some of the items from last year's summer to do list like:
a. Finish quilting the baby quilt.
b. Put Andrew's new quilt together...currently in pieces.
c. transfer VHS tapes to DVD's.
d. Work on scrapbook "about me", before it's too late.
e. Finish embroidering the wool table runner.
f. Get the Ancestry album finished with the photos from Scotland.

2. Work on Christmas cards designs
3. Sew three little dresses for Isabella.
4. Catalog all the books in our family library.
5. Huge reading list for school and pleasure.
6. Scrapbook!!!

Julie Miller-Oconnor

1. Finish organizing scrap room and giving away extra stuff.
2. Spend more time at the beach (in our subdivision).
3. Help our son get his first house fixed up (HUD home). He closes this Friday 7/13 :) FINALLY!
4. Dust off sewing machine, sew a few things.
5. Clean closets and send stuff to Goodwill.
6. Go scuba diving for the first time (in 2 wks). I am really excited about this.
7. Go to 3 day crop with gal pals and Rubber Stamp Convention Collinsville, IL in August. Major girl time in August!
8. Learn more about Adobe Photoshop - birthday present!
9. Work on back yard landscaping before it's too late.
10. Get back in to genealogy for family album.

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